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Open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron - ISIS and extremist ideology

My cheeky open letter to PM David Cameron ahead of his Keynote speech on extremist ideology and my reply to the Guardian article written by Francis Perraudin here

Hi Mr PM

Life is tough eh.

I should know.  I am a British Muslim woman. Born in London too. While the sun was sunny there's you and I locking horns with the devil. Different ones of course - but still - toughies.

I do welcome much of this stance from you our PM albeit some of it is also worrying. Maybe the No 10 board table missed some polish and the writing of your advisors was hidden by dirt? I know it happens to my laptop.  I know all about grime you see  :)

Open Letter To My Family Part I (Third Generation British Bangladesh youth)

‪#‎honour‬ abuse ‪#‎misogyny‬‪#‎sylhet‬‪#‎bangladesh‬‪#‎letter‬ My rally call today to all Muslims & Brits - as part of Eid Mubarek is to say enough is enough - let's kick out evil patriarchy & oppression once and for all please?‪#‎equalityforall‬ (Now - for a series of open Choudhury letters from me. One of many to my British Bangladesh London based Muslim family who are utterly UnIslamic).
Open Letter From An Aunt To The Next Generation Imtiaz Choudhury (20, nephew Brunel University), Nadia Choudhury (19 niece Graveney School), Mikhail Choudhury (16 nephew at Harris Academy, Mitcham). As I have been kicked out and expelled/ostracised by my #British & #Bangladesh family and community - I wrote via iPhone on low battery. Hence excuse typos or grammar errors. Also I may have your ages wrong as being your aunt. That is not my fault.  You will recall that I was cut off by your parents Nazmin Choudhury and Enamul Haque Choudhury because I dared to once have a relationship wi…

The Many Faces Of Abuse

Welcome to the Choudhury family - direct family members of mine who have worked together to bully and destroy my research base in Bangladesh.

Both in the village of Ali Nagor in Beani Bazaar and in the District City of Sylhet in Amberkhana.

Women like me are not welcomed by my family.  We are subjugated.  And such was their collective horror at finding I had set up a British charity and using a room on my late father's estate -  without first asking the permission of my elders and the men - my entire base was smashed and looted.

You see men must rule even when my father has died - that's what they taught me. It's this type of thinking that I plan to destroy.