Vlog/Blog/Podcast Rules

What to expect. What not.  With Miss YasminIsYasmin

  1. I won't tolerate spam, hatred, bigotry or vile spewing. 
  2. I cover topics and issues that interest me.
  3. I am passionately secular and not affiliated to anyone or any third party organisation. 
  4. I am not professionally qualified to dispense medical or mental well-being advice. 
  5. My opinion is just that - my opinion. 
  6. I will always listen to feedback. And welcome this. 
  7. If you send me email, I may not reply for ages -due to all my day jobs.  
  8. Find me on twitter - easiest way to connect as I always check that. 
  9. Product/Service ReviewsFrom time to time, I will blog, vlog about items or brands. 
Forthcoming reviews.
  1. I will always ensure that a review is accurate and fair.  Brands are still made of humans and people can get it wrong.  I am disgusted by people who deliberately use their followers to attach or besmirch a brand. Not on. 
  2. Often my reviews are those upon which I paid to visit or made a purchase from my own money. This is to ensure transparency and honesty.
  3. If I am asked to review your brand's product or service - even if I say yes, please do not expect any thing but a fair review. 
  4. I will not and cannot guarantee to review any experience, product or service - even if it is donated. 
  5. Often, surplus items will be donated or solve via ebay to raise funds for Amcariza Foundation. 
  6. If you ever want to work with me - my questions will be - why how does Lovedesh and Amcariza Foundation benefit and can you demonstrate you are good, sincere and meaningful in your intention as a brand?. 


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