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Horrors Of Battling Bad Muslims & Why Muslim Women Should Think Twice

I posted this on Twitter yesterday  evening GMT - (25 May 2017) 
My thread on what happens to us UK Muslim women trying 2 stop fellow bad Muslims
#BritishThreatLevels#Manchester #Manchester #StandTogether
(Sorry for the bad numbering)
Here's my story.
1. My thread re what us 'Muslims' do 2 protect humanity. After #manchester. Accused by some on my Twitter TL of doing nothing.
2. Go to my bio. Check my website. Before you judge or accuse. For many years fighting my own family. They claim they r good Muslims
3. My family deemed 'modern' Muslims: a solicitor, British teacher, script writer in Hollywood LA. Yet they each uphold tribal law & abuse
4. Since i challenged their bad interpretation of the Quran, reported abuse & bullying of poor folks in Bangladesh, I have suffered much
5. I myself am only too aware how scared institutions are of being seen to criticise British Muslim. So I do it. Yet got punished by it.
6. Now my family are not jihadists. No. But the…