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10 ways to identify a start up entrepreneur

You know you are a start up, when....

1. The entire summer holidays have been spent working every day, in the office.  You have no tan and therefore are mystified when people remark on the sunny English weather for the past few weeks.  You hear about people going on holiday and think, yeah well, if and when I am successful, surely I too can have a holiday but in reality it is unlikely.

2. You are grateful that friends no longer invite you anywhere.  Not only does this mean that you need not bother with an RSVP, it also means you don't have to go to another person's house and ask; "where can I plug in my laptop."

3. Your child is officially embarrassed that you run a company and starts making up fantasy job titles for you because the reality is so awful and non-cool.

4. When you offer your child to come along for a day at the office, you know that s/he will never say yes again.  After their first excited day, of making cups of tea, Google research, checking out YouTube, …

Miley Cyrus, Hijab & Syria

So how do these three connect?

Well firstly, I saw the global reaction and debate surrounding Syria oops, Miley Cyrus and thought. Goodness, millions of us will have learnt the word, twerk (to gyrate your lowed body in a sexual manner) and then go google to see what all the fuss is about. Ahh.  I see.

I wonder of how much of that is because she was a Disney innocent.  She's not the first singer starlet to gyrate like that? Janet Jackson. Rhi-Rhi, Lady Gaga, Madonna.  Why, the upset at Miley? Is it because she grew up with the world on TV?

Well before I could comment, I too went to Google.  And I did just that.  I saw it.  And while I have my own opinion on what I find tasteful and liberating, who am I to judge?!  Miley is old enough, wise enough (perhaps that is up for debate) to make an informed choice. Or is she..?

You see that is the point I wanted to make in this blog post.  Whether or not Miley is informed or not. I just want to know that she did so, and undertook that pe…