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Protect Us Muslim Women Mr Sadiq Khan - Before Asking Us To Step Up For Brits

(I provided a separate edited extract to British newspaper Independent on Monday 23 November) - here

I just read Labour Party’s Mayor of London candidate Sadiq Khan’s astonishingly, accurate but highly expedient speech on how nearly 2.7 million of British Muslims have a ‘special role to play in combatting radicalisation as well as of course societal integration. I read it. And then pondered sadly.  Why? First, the biggest threat to our society is in fact Islamaphobia.  Next, all my tears are spent having tried to tackle communities like mine who refuse to progress and expel bad ideology. With no avail.

I also smiled, as I don’t think Mr Khan’s campaign office has informed him of the countless many times that I, as a ‘new to Labour’ and ‘new to politics grassroots woman’ have tried to contact his office to discuss this matter of stamping out bad ideology. Not to mention the countless many other fellow politicians I wrote to, to talk about what I have seen, reported and experienced as a…

My Alternative Xmas Gender List.

Seriously the idea of doing business in a niqab is getting quite attractive to me.

Friday afternoon. And this is my Xmas list. - 2015  Tongue in cheek, as well as I hope weirdly inspiring? I will let you judge.

After all if John Lewis can do it - so can I. Start the Xmas banter/debate early that is - and the shenanigans and tomfoolery.

So here goes.  Things I really do not want... and all delivered to me in time for Xmas.  I repeat.  Items on my Xmas List I do not want to see again.  NO. I DON'T. 

And as you can see I am fair to both genders. I am simply calling out experiences with both men and women  that I loathe - so here goes things I do not want to see happening in 2016.