Part III - My #MeToo "Hipster Racism" - Yasmin Choudhury

How Have We Allowed In Hipster Racism? 

I know some do not get this.  I am not even allowed a right to reply  
Here is one example.

So to answer you Steve Maximus - if that is what you are in fact called.......?

Now. Presenting all the many ways Hipster Racism is played out - that we WOC rarely silently witness but get to speak about and why it has been allowed to run riot. 

WOC are silenced because there are not enough women per se in publishing, arts world and even if so, they control the narrative they control, which involves speaking or commenting only on WOC or ethnic issues that fits their agenda. Not ours.  

I know as it has happened to me. 

WOC are required to silently tug their forelocks and play the game to get to the top - because not only do they need to prove they are deserving but also face threats from white men and women - until by some sheer fluke sweat tears and blood we get picked - once you make it up the rung is there an argument that the ladder gets pul…

Part II - My #MeToo "Hipster Racism" - Yasmin Choudhury

Part II

"#Hipster Racism" is not new. 

It is as old as time. It is just that in the ancient days - they were presented as intellectuals, fashionable doyennes of the day. 

Take BlackAdder (who I love watching) is a classic brilliant loveable scary but thankfully spoof examples of how intelligent people do love to stereotype and hold positions of utter power and be in contempt of others who do not fit their agenda and narrative. We can all laugh but we stop laughing when we realise some modern day Blackadders do exist and are not even intelligent but hold positions of power - because the fall out of such conduct in real life does have impact.  

"Hipster racists" or Liberal Racists as I have been calling them, ("10 Ways White Liberals Perpetuate Racism" Huffpost article is very good)  are EVERYWHERE. In different guises.  

There is a reason the film Get Out written by Jordan Peel, who talks in the video below,  so stunningly showcases this very subtle yet endemic…

Part I - My #MeToo "Hipster Racism" Experience - Yasmin Choudhury


(Credit goes to Zinzi Clemmons bravery, as without her take down of Lena Dunham, unsure I could have written this).  

I need to share my own experience of "Hipster Racism". Because y'alll - it really is a thing. 
This "Hipster" labels also manifests across other societal ills, all good people hate to see flourish. 

How Death Turned My Hand, Eyes & Heart Towards The ‘Third World’


Ramadan Letters - To Help Cope With Loss & Betrayal

On the first day of Ramadan, I fasted. Just before I broke my fast, I began my period.

During these past few days, while eating as per usual, I observed, thought over life stuff.

I reminisced and was reminded of much of the hurt and awful things that are and were happening.

I wanted to find a better way to cope. A positive way forward.

Ramadan Letters

Ta-dah.  During Ramadan 2017.  I am going to try to start writing what I call are Ramadan Letters.
Every day if I can.


I will kick start it on the seventh day of fasting for Muslims across the day. Besides, 7 is a lucky number in Islam.

I will write each day from tomorrow (2 June 2017) a letter on my blog to share words to someone based on themes of FALC:

Forgiveness - me forgiving them
Love- me celebrating their love
Atonement - me seeking forgiveness
Compassion - me finding compassion

Surely these are the best qualities in a human yet the hardest to demonstrate? 
I would welcome your thoughts.  And participation. If you wish me to pub…

Horrors Of Battling Bad Muslims & Why Muslim Women Should Think Twice

I posted this on Twitter yesterday  evening GMT - (25 May 2017) 
My thread on what happens to us UK Muslim women trying 2 stop fellow bad Muslims
#BritishThreatLevels#Manchester #Manchester #StandTogether
(Sorry for the bad numbering)
Here's my story.
1. My thread re what us 'Muslims' do 2 protect humanity. After #manchester. Accused by some on my Twitter TL of doing nothing.
2. Go to my bio. Check my website. Before you judge or accuse. For many years fighting my own family. They claim they r good Muslims
3. My family deemed 'modern' Muslims: a solicitor, British teacher, script writer in Hollywood LA. Yet they each uphold tribal law & abuse
4. Since i challenged their bad interpretation of the Quran, reported abuse & bullying of poor folks in Bangladesh, I have suffered much
5. I myself am only too aware how scared institutions are of being seen to criticise British Muslim. So I do it. Yet got punished by it.
6. Now my family are not jihadists. No. But the…