Ramadan Letters - To Help Cope With Loss & Betrayal

On the first day of Ramadan, I fasted. Just before I broke my fast, I began my period.

During these past few days, while eating as per usual, I observed, thought over life stuff.

I reminisced and was reminded of much of the hurt and awful things that are and were happening.

I wanted to find a better way to cope. A positive way forward.

Ramadan Letters

Ta-dah.  During Ramadan 2017.  I am going to try to start writing what I call are Ramadan Letters.
Every day if I can.


I will kick start it on the seventh day of fasting for Muslims across the day. Besides, 7 is a lucky number in Islam.

I will write each day from tomorrow (2 June 2017) a letter on my blog to share words to someone based on themes of FALC:

Forgiveness - me forgiving them
Love- me celebrating their love
Atonement - me seeking forgiveness
Compassion - me finding compassion

Surely these are the best qualities in a human yet the hardest to demonstrate? 

I would welcome your thoughts.  And participation. If you wish me to publish these on my blog - happy to do so. 


Because I want to celebrate the people who do love and I feel loved by. Love is so rare and fleeting and as humans we often take for granted those who spend the time caring for us, loving us or making us feel special.

Because I also want to learn to be patient and am trying to calm my temper, deep rage and anger at the bad actions of wicked people who hurt others. Or are horrid.   I have seen and witnessed too much of this. And the subsequent damage I have seen done to others as well as me has been unjust and horrid.

But also because mainly I want to be a better human as I review my own actions.  And learn from these experiences.  And make others also feel less alone.

After having experienced too many crazy, horrid people who betrayed me I learnt this: I am a brilliant survivor who somehow manages to stay afloat and tries to feel and look good while doing it.

In fact, while many people have been so horrid it has also led me to amazing experiences and good people, I would never have found. And not only let me down badly but also have done deep damage to either the trust and faith I had in them - or worst of all their actions have maimed others who are vulnerable as well as that of our societies.

I now realise these people were horrid to me because they are messed up and broken. It is no excuse but it is no explanation.  Have different values and I guess, when you become very loving and inviting, you invite all sorts, who stand poises to hurt you: emotionally or financially.

It is scary to do this as it will require great introspection.  Revelations.  Hence why Ramadan is perfect time.

In the month of Ramadan, I was reminded how we must use this time to be nil by mouth from sunrise to sunset to achieve the following:

  1. Become closer to Allah;
  2. To meditate and purge our weaknesses and strengthen our faith and the contribution we make towards society;
  3. Remove our mind, heart and body from earthly pleasures;
  4. Understand the plight of humanity who are at risk and are hurting; 
  5. Abstinence allows us to appreciate the mortal joys of food, water, sex;
  6. Continue to read the Quran for inspiration and reminder on how to be the best human; 

By trying to do the above, I came across the idea for Ramadan Letters.  And so from tomorrow it begins.

Now what theme will I write about? Maybe I rotate them one at a time for each day.  Depending on the theme will then result in me sharing the experience I had.   And my thoughts. I hope it might help.?

Feel free to write yours too? And share with me your own Ramadan Letters?  

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