Horrors Of Battling Bad Muslims & Why Muslim Women Should Think Twice

I posted this on Twitter yesterday  evening GMT - (25 May 2017) 

My thread on what happens to us UK Muslim women trying 2 stop fellow bad Muslims

(Sorry for the bad numbering)

Here's my story.

1. My thread re what us 'Muslims' do 2 protect humanity. After #manchester.
Accused by some on my Twitter TL of doing nothing.

2. Go to my bio. Check my website. Before you judge or accuse. For many years fighting my own family. They claim they r good Muslims

3. My family deemed 'modern' Muslims: a solicitor, British teacher, script writer in Hollywood LA. Yet they each uphold tribal law & abuse

4. Since i challenged their bad interpretation of the Quran, reported abuse & bullying of poor folks in Bangladesh, I have suffered much

5. I myself am only too aware how scared institutions are of being seen to criticise British Muslim. So I do it. Yet got punished by it.

6. Now my family are not jihadists. No. But they are dangerous: sexist, follow bad tribal laws & allow women to suffer at hands of men.

7. They spread lies. Hurt poor and needy. Turn blind eyes. &!refuse 2!allow my late father to disperse his estate - which he was misled on

8. I have factual evidence of my Family's honour abuse, theft, fraud, bullying & insistence I wear hijab & 2 allow men to call control us.

9. My father was Lovely he was feminist. But even he could escape pressures of tribal law which infects pure hearted message of Islam.

10. As #GeneralElection approaches. Know how many politicians I approached? After police failed me? Every institution & authority failed us

11. Want proof I am doing something? Read this article I wrote. Of the horrors and why Muslim women should not step up. Let alone re Isis

12. Here it is. You tell me if you would do what I did or still do?:

13. I have watched Bangladeshi folks get beaten, threatened and bullied. And all because my family refuse to allow me to speak & do good

14. Watch how poor rural villagers came to me and cried - not one of my modern British educated family helped me:

15. Abuse is not caused by Islam bad but tribal ways. And poor and deliberate editing of Islam & Quran to allow violence to be taught.

16. Do u know how many people know my story? But they are scared of my family - my own brother Nazmul Hassan Choudhury used the police on me

16. I keep my silence as I have little money & need 2 keep safe - cos by daring to insist they follow UK law I get into trouble, punished

17. I'm surrounded by circle of abusers - working 2 gag me. stop me & punish me - secretly clever means. We good Muslim women have no power

18. I have cried, written, urged, pleaded, begged - my family as well as authorities to stop them - nobody helped me when I asked.

19, Even @metpoliceuk helped my family abuse me - and I have a tape which I will share one day when I can - of how my own brother used them

20. I have spent three years being quiet & fighting the good fight legally and peacefully. This is what it has cost me - u ready for this?

21. Shunned, expelled, hit, sworn at, physical threats, made homeless, had my projects destroyed as warning to keep me controlled as a woman

22. I would never say to any woman help root out bad muslims - if this is happening to me in UK - by my own modern family how to stop Isis?!

23. So here is another secret - why I keep quiet - as for years been protecting someone dear to me - my teenage daughter who also suffered

25. I am a single mother - alone & expelled by my own family - her father does not pay a penny - yet despite all this I fight the good fight
26. (Her father by the way is white english) I am surrounded by people who are very immoral and corrupt & I get so depressed by it all.

26. Today is a really bad day - as having reported and stood up to my family - key consequence was my daughter now lives apart from me.

27. I had no idea that by stopping sexism, abuse & male supremacy in my family I'd suffer so much. I thought others would come to help me.

28. I think I need to do a video - for my YouTube channel where I can tell you more about who did not help me - but here goes a huge list…

29, Politicians (MPs), powerful Muslim men and women, charities, as well as the SRA, Solicitors Regulation Authority who refuse to help me

29. A key aspect to shutting up Muslim women like me is to gag me - my rich family use solicitors to threaten to take me to court.

30, Add to that my own sister is British solicitor who is dodgy - got proof - fuses Sharia law with British law & abuses her position - omg

31, My birthday this Friday. I've no family (better no family than bad family) Am oft stressed/alone - I have lost so much money & tis scary

31 - Add to that I worked on @LovedeshScout @Amcariza which my family tried to destroy - so behind closed doors I am being punished

32. So when f****ing strangers demand I apologise, stand up against ISIS - my head screams "STOP - I can't even stop bad British Muslims!’

33. British Muslims I know do not want to know me - and those in power hate me discussing it as it they like to keep quiet & pretend all ok

34. If true Islam was practised and we changed how people interpret Quran - we can save much in society and pple - including recuitment

35 From my experience - British Muslims in power refuse to do more - when they could do more - that is easy and quick.

36. First we have mosque infrastructure - why not turn these into inspiring places? To educate and reform how Islam is being taught? Duh!

37. Next many good Muslim like me do good work but these people (esp women like me) are not listened. We are ignored or overlooked.

38 - we have no power, little money and we are being gagged - I met a Muslim woman on twitter who I saw was running projects alone - wtf?

39 -Today I wrote to a major Muslim charity and told them they could do more to protect women and help us escape abuse - they do not care!

38 Good news is that many Good Muslims do exist - Islam is not the enemy but bad Muslims are - so stop fighting the good Muslims - help us?

39, Write to your MP - and ask them to find out about my story - share this thread - as more is to come on how every institution failed me

40 Find out & ask before u judge me - click on biographies & then decide if I am worthy of being criticised. And yet still I never give up.

41. How many folks do u know stand up & survive? Go watch BBC #threegirls Sara Rowbothom ignored & villified 4 reporting sex paedo gangs!

42. Anyhow - am feeling really low so much bad happening; I've vultures, jackals ripping me - u should see me inbox - the fights I fight

43. I am also trying to protect Bangladesh folks who got into trouble with my family - it is horrific & why I now have #ptsd.

44. I win awards in biz (ha!) and when people meet me they often have no idea of my secret life battling bad Muslims who hurt others.

45. Today I got sick of hiding - as so many people also tell me not to share as it is shameful - must keep quiet and not air dirty linen out

46. I often have headaches & spend my time on base to base - I became public on twitter with my face so that my family could not hurt me

47. Since I spilled their secrets & dirty work on my website - they pretty much leave me alone now - but the price I paid for that was huge

48. Also when u are alone as a woman - fyi - do you know how many will try 2 exploit me sexually, financially or pretend 2 help but 2 use me

49, I have seen the underbelly of society and met amazing women and men tho I feel less sad - so shout out 2 my business mentor Peter

49 - Peter keeps me going as do all of u good souls on Twitter who DM me - when I miss my daughter as I do now (I see her at weekends) am ok

50. Homeless @StMungos the charity help me a lot - as do these: @ButtleUK Royal National Childrens Foundation - ALL non Muslims….

52. More good news - the @theRSAorg has accepted me as a Fellow for the work I am doing as a Muslim businesswoman & for @LovedeshScout YAY!

Thanks for reading

Yasmin xx

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