Bad Bad Bad Admin

Some advice for people who run Linked In Groups - be nice; you never know you might be offending sincere professionals who can add value to your business and brand - if not now well in the future.

I attempted to join a Linked In Group to find an admin bod but the Founder & President of The Effective Admin (TEA) and of the Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals (VAAP) declined me as she thinks I am not suitable for one of many reasons.  Goodness me - sign of poor admin in itself here.  Cringe.... (!!)

Do not think this founder and 'President" (can you have titles that grand as a solo entity...?) realises that I do work as a ad-hoc Exec assistant. And also occasionally do hire admin for my businesses.

Even though she did not read my bio thoroughly, I can forgive her - as long as she goes away and does some admin training! :)

Titles mean nothing if you are not good at the job you are meant to be an expert on.  Nor of welcoming people into your 'tribe'.  First rule surely must be how you must read someone's biog properly - if they made the effort to join your community.

Am thankful I found out as clearly the quality of admin being done by 'The Effective Admin Group' is in my opinion - perhaps odd given my experience.   Here is the group concerned and the founder & president....

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